Gibbs Morgan Roberts

He finds himself at home on the open seas. All the time spent on the swaying and pitching deck of a ship has inherited his fighting skills with an amazing acrobatic prowess.


Class & Level: Swashbuckler (7) Dread Pirate (1) Total (8)
Alignment: CG
Race, height, & weight: Human, 6’-0”, 185lbs

Stats: STR-14, DEX-18, CON-15, INT-18, WIS-12, CHA-18
HP: 74
Speed: 30ft
Initiative: +4
Saving throws: Fortitude-7, Reflex-9, Will-3

Armor Class: Base 20, two-weapon +1, dagger +1, against AoO +4
Armor worn: Chain shirt: +4AC, max Dex +4, ACP -2

Base attack bonus: +8/+3
Rapier of desperate measures +2: +14/+9, two-weapon (primary) +12/+7, 1d6+4+3, 18-20/x2
-Special properties: item is a relic, less than full HP: keen 15-20, 1/2HP: speed
Dagger of defending +1: +13/+8, two-weapon (offhand) +11, 1d4+2+3, 19-20/x2
-Special properties: can allocate enchantment to attack or AC as free action
Composite +2 mighty longbow: +13/+8, 1d8+2, 20/x3, 16 arrows, range increment 110ft
Pistol: +12/+7, 1d10, 20/x3, 30 bullets, range increment 50ft

Appraise 12, Balance 17, Bluff 12, Climb 17, Diplomacy 18, Gather Information 4, Jump 9, Perform(swordplay) 7, Profession(sailor) 9, Sense Motive 9, Slight of Hand 6, Spot 10, Swim 9, Tumble 12, Use Rope 9

Seafarer(background): +3 balance and swim
Grace: +1 reflex save bonus
Two-weapon Fighting
Insightful: INT added to damage
Shield of blades: +1AC/5lvls when using two light weapons
Seamanship: level bonus to Profession(sailor) and to nearby allies
Acrobatic charge: tumble a distance equal to your speed as part of a charge and gain an additional +2 circumstance bonus to a bull rush, trip, disarm or grapple attack as part of this charge.
Dexterous Dodge: +1AC (Dex bonus)
Combat Reflexes: can make a number of AoO equal to DEX mod
Weapon Finesse: use DEX instead of STR for attacks
Quick Draw
Mobility: +4AC against AoO

studded leather, dagger, backpack w/ waterskin, bedroll, sack, flint & steel, hooded lantern w/ 3 pints of oil, Rope of Climbing (60ft), dark brown cloak, potion of cure light wounds x3, potion of cure moderate wounds x3, Family Crest Signet Ring (ring of lightning flashes) – 5d6 elec 5ft radius in contact = no save 3/day, pink pearl, potion of shield of faith +3, Ring of Climbing, Ring of Protection +1, excellent Captain’s uniform (+2 diplomacy), swashbuckler’s outfit (with gloves!), sunrod x5, Quall’s Feather Token (anchor), ravings of a mad man, a nice cold weather cloak (from Kane), Ring of Brief Blessing (from Kane), 3 Owls ship’s flag



Type: Brigantine
Structure Points: 32
Hardness: 5
AC: 7
Crew: 120
Passengers: 50
Cargo: 100 tons

Draft: 2.5 fathoms
Maneuverability: -3
Speed: 120ft / 12 knots
Turn Rate: 3

Fore: Culverin x2 & Demi-Cannon x2
Broadside: Culverin x5 & Demi-Cannon x5
Damage in SP: Culverin 2d4, Demi-Cannon 3d4

Gunner: Mede, +8 seamanship, +2 to ship’s attacks
Carpenter: Gwydre, +8 craft (carpentry)
Steward: Cole, +8 profession (cook), +8 sense motive, +10 spot, +5 gather information
First-mate: Dormir (see full character sheet)

Class: Fighter Level: 1
Crew size: 116 (120)
Crew wounds: 116HP
AC: 10 Saves: Fort-3, Ref-0, Will-0
Attacks: Short sword +1, Short musket
Damage: Short sword 1d6+1, Short musket 3d4
Seamanship: +5 (+2 from gunner Gwydre)
Crew Quality: Average


Born in the small town of Morvar settled on The Golden Water, Gibbs grew up living the simple life. His father tended sheep and made a living with exporting wool. As Gibbs grew older, he helped his father prepare for the annual wool trade and to bring their goods to the vessel of the Three Owls Trade Company that would visit Morvar once a year. The first time he went with his father to the port, he asked the Chief Mate if he could come aboard to help load the wool. He was amused, and gave the young man directions of what to do with it on board. Gibbs was fascinated by the ship, and took every opportunity to explore and learn by talking to crewmen aboard. He was on the ship for so long his father had to send for him to come off.

Time passed and Gibbs was ready to join the trade vessel as an able bodied crewman. The next few years, Gibbs learned the skills of the sailors, and worked with people from all over Faerûn. They sang songs on deck as they worked, and shared stories with each other below decks. He learned many things while traveling the world, relocating to a couple different vessels along the way that all managed different trade routes. Eventually, he obtained a position aboard the largest ship in all of the Three Owls’ fleet: The Owls’ Pride. This ship was the head of a three vessel convoy that was headed for Waterdeep; where the trade company made the majority of their profits. It was on this voyage that he learned of the Trade Company’s true nature.

While traveling in the Sea of Swords, a thick fog settled down and the poor navigation of the Owl’s Pride’s Captain Fletcher led them near the Moonshae Isles. The waters around this group of islands is well known pirate territory (hostile mainly to Three Owls’ vessels over any others) and it wasn’t long before the fleet was attacked. With one ship captured, the Pride and it’s sister vessel made a run for it. Another attacking ship emerged from the fog, and Fletcher commanded a shameful move that would swiftly place the second ship into harms way: ahead of the Owl’s Pride. Reluctantly the crew followed their captain’s orders; the sister ship received a full barrage of cannon fire (shielding the Owl’s Pride) as planned, and Gibbs witnessed a man fly overboard from the blast. The Pride was at a standstill, safely positioned behind the other ship, so he knew he would have time to swim back and climb back aboard if he dove after the man. He grabbed hold of him in the water, swam to the Pride’s netting and climbed aboard shortly before Fletcher gave the command for “full sail” after the second cannon barrage on the less fortunate ship.

When it seemed they had reached a safe distance from death, all felt guilty for the others’ unpleasant ends. The Captain retreated to his quarters, and all thought of him as a dishonorable, hard hearted man. Gibbs had never seen such an act of selfishness and careless sacrifice of other lives. The next day the fog had cleared, and they were back on course. Everyone was quiet, and Gibbs himself felt disgust for the trade company, wishing to end his career with the organization. Unknowingly this disgust would very soon turn to hatred and change the course of his life.

Gibbs visited the man he rescued frequently as he recovered in the surgeon’s room. On one visit, the man said to him, “You know, I was puttin’ my mind on something all last night, and I think I’ve figured it out.”

“What’s that?” Gibbs asked.

“I know you. I recognized you and now I’ve got it. You’re from Morvar, aintcha?”

Gibbs smiled and laughed, “Yes! How do you know that? Are you from there also?” It excited Gibbs to hear someone speak of the place he missed so much.

_“No. I worked on the ship that came every year, and I was aboard the year we took you on. It’s been a long time, butcha don’t look much different. I remember, you transferred off to Port Castigliar. I worked on that same ship a few years more, and then put in a request to come to Waterdeep. Ya know, see the big wondrous city in person m’self”_ The man paused a quick moment, and looked aside as if reflecting on something. “Matter a fact, I wouldn’t be seein’ the place if twernt for you. Thank ya mate. Whatya say we spend some time in Waterdeep together, have some good times!”

“I’ll agree to share an ale, but I don’t plan on spending much time there. I’ll be looking to leave soon and head back to Morvar. I’m not fond of the Owls’ Company anymore.”

_“I can understand… certainly from you. It’s a shame what happened in that small town, a true shame.”_

“A shame?” Gibbs was confused. “Small town… you’re talking about Morvar?”

“Of course, why would you think different? I wouldn’t imagine you’d forget!”

“Forget?” Gibb’s concern was showing. He stood, worried about the coming news. _“Tell me, forget what?”_

The other man looked nearly as shocked a Gibbs now. _“You mean… you mean to say ya don’t know?”_ He buried his face in his hands, filled with grief. “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.” He painfully but carefully rose to his feet, and began to speak. “After you left there was a meeting at the receiving port where we took our collected goods from Morvar. The district manager had gotten order from higher-ups in the company, maybe even straight down from Mr. Owl himself. Captains of all ships that ran trade in that area, employed by Three Owls, were given a list of ports that weren’t profitable enough. All valuable trade goods from these ports were to be captured and cut off from all future trade. The move would slowly strangle their economy. They figured that would make it so a competitor company couldn’t come in after they’ve left and make a profit from what they left behind.”

“So what does that mean? What did they do?”

_“They sailed back for Morvar, only two months after we had already been there. I put in my transfer and began the long trip toward Waterdeep after the meeting. I didn’t want to be around for such shameful deeds, so I was not with them. When they landed the port master went to meet the Chief Mate, who was in charge of all cargo on the ship and was the man he met every year. This time, it was the Captain he met at the ship’s loading ramp. He was concerned that there was a problem with this year’s goods, but the Captain informed him of the truth. ‘All goods and land of Morvar belong to Three Owls’ Trade Company and shall be seized by said Company this day, and all future transactions stopped. This port will now be closed.’ Who knows if the land honestly belonged to them, I doubt it… but there’s no one to stop ‘em. The whole crew went through the town and took anything valuable. They pulled up crops and spoiled the soil. They took the sheep and goats. They even destroyed the mills and took equipment. But it wasn’t just the trade goods, but even personal property. It was thievery! They entered homes and took jewelry, pictures, furniture, and clothing! Anyone that resisted was beaten into submission, and they were left with nothing.”_

The man continued, _“Yer Captain showed the Owls’ way back there in that battle. They don’t care for others; they do what they need to make the most profit. They’re a large company, and want to make sure they stay the largest. It’s a dirty thing… I don’t blame ya for leaving. But for me, it’s the best job I could have. The sea is my home, and this is how I stay there. Another trade company is too risky; ya never know when the Three Owls will put them under. Then you’re stuck on land! I wouldn’t last long like that m’ boy.”

In a rage Gibb’s stormed into the captain’s quarters, kicking the door from it’s hinges. Fletcher was completely surprised, and in a flash Gibbs had him by the throat. “How many people’s lives are on your conscience you murderer?” Gibbs asked as he stared him in the face. “You didn’t even look back when you left our other ships to die in a deep, cold grave!” Some of the crew heard the noise, and came running into the well decorated room. They immediately grabbed Gibbs and removed him from the Captain. They restrained him, and the Captain pulled a dagger from his drawer. He came to Gibbs and held it pressed to his throat.

“Do you have mind for mutiny boy!?”

Gibbs replied with a spit in the Captain’s face. The Captain reeled back and wiped the saliva from his face, and one of the crewmen restraining Gibbs gave him a good knock on the head.

“You certainly don’t aim to live through this night, do you?”

Just then the man Gibbs rescued entered the room. “Stop!”

“This had better be good sailor!” The Captain shouted.

_“Just let him go. He’s from Morvar, on the southern shore. It’s a small town on The Golden Water coast; it was taken when we shut down operations there.”_

_“Like I give a damn! I wasn’t there and had nothing to do with it! Now leave while I dispose of this fool.”_

“You will not kill him.”

“Oh?” The Captain gave him a hard stare. “And why not?”

“You will loose your job. No matter what his charge, if he is restrained he is to be held prisoner, not executed on the spot. He just learned of what happened to his home. Give him a break, he’s committed no crime. Just let him go, and I’ll see that he stays out of your way. He’ll be leavin’ Waterdeep and headin’ home when we land anyways.”

Fletcher paused in thought, feeling trapped. “I am Captain of this ship, you do not tell me…”

The man interrupted, “I will bear witness.” He changed focus to the two sailors holding Gibbs. “You both know it would be wrong, just let him go.”

The crewmen weren’t nearly corrupted as the Captain, and let Gibbs go before receiving an order. The Captain felt pinned and knew he didn’t have a choice.

_“Fine, but I’ll see that this doesn’t go unrecognized. The Three Owls have much control over the sea, and those who sail it. I will personally see to it that neither of you find a job on another trade vessel as long as you live. The Golden Water is a very long way from Waterdeep, and land travel is a curse. I would be amazed to hear you traveled that far and lived. So you’d better get used to the idea of life in Waterdeep. Now get out!”

Soon enough they made port at Waterdeep, and Gibbs made his way off the ship and didn’t look back. He spent a couple weeks in Waterdeep, searching for a vessel that would take him aboard, but the Three Owls Trade Company had their grip on the sea trading business so tight, that none would accept him. Eventually he realized it was true, and he wouldn’t be leaving port in Waterdeep for a very long time. He chose to head east, stop at the nearest small town, and stay there until his opportunity called. That is when he found Diamond Lake. He was welcomed into a small pub where he learned much about brewing ales. He served customers from behind the bar and was given a bed in return. He was comfortable in the small pub, and it began to feel like home. Occasionally he would tell tales of his travel, or share ones he learned from others who had traveled the world. He would also sing sailor’s jigs to cheer up the patrons, and all who came into this small pub felt something special. It was small, warm, and welcoming. Gibbs grew fond of the place and enjoyed his time there. Yet quietly and patiently, he still waited for the right opportunity to make his way home, and put a stop to The Three Owls Trade Company in the process.

For the continuation of this story and what happened before this campaign, see the wiki page Prequel

Gibbs Morgan Roberts

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